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Heritage hotel Gate of Sarajevo is located near Sarajevo Old town , on a place where Isa-Beg ( founder of Sarajevo) built his first building called Isa-Beg dervish house. Isa-beg’s tekija is one of the most important tekijas in Sarajevo, it was built before 1462; it is considered the oldest institution in Sarajevo.

Isa-beg Ishakovic, the founder of Sarajevo, listed it in his deed of endowment (vakufnama) written in year 1462. Among other estates, he mentions, a musafirhana (shelter for pilgrims and travellers). The Tekija has been damaged, destroyed in fires and floods many times and it was completely reconstructed several times.

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Excellent location with very nice staff.

The staff was very friendly and accommodating to any requests we had. The location is superb, only a short walk to the market.



Very good

The location was so pretty and the staff working there so friendly and sociable, even the food was delicious. Definitely will come back again!!


Places Distance
Sebilj 200 m
Vijećnica 200 m
Bus Station 5 km
Aerodrom 10 km

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Bentbaša 11, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina